Sunday, February 21, 2010


The the olympic ice dancing was incredible tonight I loved Canadas dance. It was very beautiful, passionate and precise. You can see them dancing this dance here: at the Canadian Nationals, but they were even better tonight. They danced a flamenco on ice and between the seering hot gazes and dramatic costumes they drew me right in and convinced me of their desire. Must remember to watch again tomorrow to find out if they stay in the lead. I really enjoyed the Americans routine too, it was a bollywood routine. I didn't feel that it drew me in as much as the Canadians tonight though, it didn't seem as emotional. It was very energetic and interesting though.

Too bad for us Canadians in the Hockey tonight. USA kicked our butts 5-3. I watched some of the last half although I dislike hockey, this was a special exception. I got caught up in everyones excitement at work.

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  1. The ice dancing was incredible! Sorry about the hockey, but I guess we want to take the long route to the GOLD!!! The team played great, the goalie not so good!!