Friday, February 5, 2010

Todays Treasures

I went shopping today at one of the local second hand shops and had a great time digging through the bins. I found these great crystals and frames for a song.

Some very soft cottony wool.

A couple of pretty ribbons, and pearl trimmings, some large wooden beads and also in this picture is another look at those pretty little frames.

A rainbow of thread.

This is what I've made from my finds so far. I crocheted some of the soft wool with a shimmering ribbon and a strand of pearl trimming. Then attached some metal clamp ends and a lobster clasp. I'll be putting this choker up for sale in my Etsy shop soon. I think it would look lovely with a mostly exposed neck, in a tank top or halter top. Or maybe with a wedding dress the colors are right and it contains, something old and something new.


  1. Oh looks like you had fun...I love those crystals.

  2. How creative! #1081 You did a wonderful job! You can use different colors and crystals(my favorite!)

  3. Love those crystals, amazing treasures!
    Magic and Joy,