Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas day in Nanaimo

I lived in Nanaimo from the ages of 3-17 and this is a park near downtown Nanaimo... where the arena used to be.

This is the same park but instead of looking from Nanaimo towards the ocean it is from the ocean looking towards Nanaimo. From underneath an overpass near the Tally Ho Motel.
I think this part is called Swa-a-lana Lagoon. I had fun balancing on the edge of one of those cement dividers all the way across to the other side.

This one was taken from the far side of the lagoon looking out at the islands in the Straight.

In this photo you can see Newcastle Island off the the right. It was a very nice day for a walk....

This is one I snapped of Rick by the totems at Departure Bay Beach. I used to live near there.

This is the only Santa I saw this christmas; looks like he's heading home after a hard day.
When we headed back to moms house they had dinner nearly ready. We helped with a few odds and ends and then dug in to a delicious Christmas meal. Then the six of us piled back into the car for a squishy ride back to Victoria.

I haven't written in a while, I've been chilling out and having a pretty laid back holiday season. We went skating twice, which is something I had not done since I was about 11.. very scary and fun. Last night for New Years Eve Richard, myself and my two boys all cuddled up on the couches and watched movies, then went to bed by 12:30. Yesterday was the first day of the New Year and my first day back at work. I was feeling rather sad and poor me about going back. The building didn't smell very nice. Coworkers weren't very upbeat. But by dinner time when I was giving everyone their food they were all so happy to see me I became happy to see them all to. Smiles and happiness truly are more contagious than pouts and frowns I think. Also It felt good to be busy and productive again.

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