Monday, September 14, 2009

Another open door...

This way of sharing new things, and ideas is so pleasing to discover, I've just been tickled pink thinking about how to begin. All the inspiring and inspired people online and blogging has inspired me to try too. Although writing hasn't played a big part in my life, I figure if I just push forward I'll get over any stumbling blocks I might run into. So lets give it a shot right?

Hmmm, lets start with an introduction and hopefully if anyone reads this they'll feel welcome to introduce themselves too. My name is Trianna, I am a mom to two teenage boys and a partner to a great man who is a cook. Lucky for me he often decides to cook and it's always impressive. I am a front-line worker for a non-profit society who strives towards ending homelessness. It is interesting work and I feel lucky to be doing it (most of the time... we all have our off days right?). I am in my 30's, have hazel eyes and reddish brown shoulder length hair, I'm short and not thin, people tell me I have a smile that lights up a room. I live in Victoria, Canada and I love this city, its on the southern tip of Vancouver island. The beaches and forests around here are astounding in their beauty. We like to explore them when we get the chance, although we are usually pretty busy just trying to make ends meet, as Victoria is also one of the most expensive cities in Canada to live in. When time allows I find wire work, bead work and photography cathartic, and this is a lovely area to take pics of. I spend most of my free time with my sons who are 15 and 16; we bead, cook, can, clean, watch movies, sing karaoke, play D'n'D, explore, argue, laugh, and philosophize together. Sometimes I miss having girlfriends around though as there is a lot of testosterone flying around here. I'm not sure how often most people put up fresh news on their blogs, I'm also not sure how often I'm going to try for yet... we'll just have to see how it goes for now. I tried to put up a picture of a bracelet I made but now I can't figure out how to move it. Oh well, maybe next time I'll figure that one out. So far trying to take pictures of the jewelry is a chore I'm not enjoying as they never turn out as nice as they do in person. If anyone has any pointers on how to get a nicer finished pic or how to enjoy the process more please let me know. There is bunches of great info available online about wire work and bead work that is shared freely and that has been very welcoming for me. Thank you to all you fabulous big-hearted people who share so much with strangers online and make their lives richer by doing so.

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