Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Items in my Etsy Shop

I just put up a bunch of new stuff I've been making lately into my Etsy Shop. For instance this bunny, I was born in the year of the rabbit and it is this year...so I thought it was appropriate. I hope you like him. I've started making a similar item of a bunny leaping but that one isn't finished yet.

I've also made these hammered heart hoops with garnets for Valentines Day. A random stranger (a buyer not a seller) on Etsy accused me of blatantly copying these from another Etsy seller. But although they had much in common hers were smaller and had no garnets and when I spoke to her about it she was entirely cordial and said that she knows how stressful it can be and not to worry about it basicly. Thank goodness she was so decent, I had worked myself into a bit of a tizzy over the whole thing.

I also made this necklace and a bracelet and earring to match that I have posted.

I am really proud of this necklace I made it was pretty intricate and time consuming but I love how it turned out.

There were a few other bits and pieces too, I've been pretty productive lately. Now that my son has a camera I can borrow when he sleeps. Very kind of him eh? I think so.


  1. beautiful !! the heart ones are awesome!!

  2. I wouldn't let people stress you. You might have found the inspiration from another set of earring but you ran with it and made it your own.