Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank you!

I was lucky to stumble upon the tutorials over at that easily showed me how to set up a feedburner and a subscribe button to my blog. The generosity of knowledge and kindness of people is very inspiring. I love that no matter how dificult I think something will be to learn that I can always find someone online who is able to make it seem simple. Thank you to all you generous, kind, knowledgable people out there in blogland... you know who you are. Does anyone have any stories to share of how blogging has helped them?


  1. So happy I could help out Trianna and how lovely of your to give a shout out as well.

    Blogging has been life altering for me. Despite learning a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge, it has been the journey of friendships and meeting kindred spirits which has forever changed my life and touched my heart.


  2. Hello! What a beautiful blog! I love those jewels you show us, and the tea cups, and inspirational rooms and... all.
    I'm sorry if my writting english is not well.
    And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Warm regards from Spain!

  3. Just wanted to stop in and say hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I so appreciate your thoughtful comment - totally made my day!

  4. so happy to have another Canadian visit my blog and thank you for your sweet comments. I am sure you will find blogging will continue to amaze you, it does seem to bring out the best in women. I am enjoying my return visit. Visit again and lovely to hear from you. XO